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Guildhall is situated in a building once known as the North Fremantle Literary Institute.

For over 100 years, North Fremantle had its own council and met in the town hall, adjacent to Guildhall. This area was considered a community hub, bringing people together since 1904 and we are delighted to carry on this fine tradition.

Guildhall now hosts refined gatherings, sumptuous feasts and our favourite of all  - the perfect wedding.

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  • Opening of the North Fremantle Literary Institute 1906
  • North Fremantle amalgamates with the City of Fremantle 1961
  • The North Fremantle Town Hall becomes home to the Western Australian Ballet Company. 1977
  • The Fremantle Community School takes up residence in the hall. 1981
  • The hall is reimagined as an antiques store. 1993
  • Guildhall opens in March 2015
  • Brett Layton
  • Keeper Creative Photography
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  • Reading Room

    The Reading Room is an intimate and comfortable wood-panelled room tastefully decorated with a collection of original paintings. It is the perfect space for pre-dinner drinks, a photo-booth, a private space for the bridal party or for older guests to step away from the party for a brief moment.

  • Foyer

    Beyond the discreet street entrance, the wonder of Guildhall unfolds. The foyer is a spectacle unto itself, painted in a deep, dark green and featuring Corbusier lights, vintage rug, a piano and soaring ceilings. It is the perfect space to mingle for drinks before a cocktail party, to house a band under the staircase or place a gift table.

  • Bar

    A more contemporary space featuring white walls and artfully styled with vintage Kilim stools, a long velvet booth and cane tables. The arched back bar is an elegant focal point and serves as the perfect location for a hero flower display. A series of glass doors lead into the courtyard, allowing guests to mingle seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors.

  • Courtyard

    Enveloped in vine-clad walls, the Courtyard offers a tranquil and private outdoor event space. Opening off the main bar area, this hidden oasis offers a spectacular area to exchange vows and later dance the night away under the stars.

  • Facilities

    All facilities at Guildhall reflect the charm and style of the venue, no matter whether you're ordering a drink at the bar or taking a moment to powder your nose.

Featured Collaborators

  • DUO Events


    DUO Events made up of dynamic twin team Erica and Katie run a full service planning, design, floral and production studio; they create and execute one-off event designs. They are distinctive in design, meticulous in execution and a whole bunch of fun!

    Shoshana Kruger
  • Signature Floral Design


    One of Western Australia’s most respected and in-demand floral design studios. Signature Floral Design do just what it says on the box, completely custom, unique and spectacular floral designs to frame the biggest moment in your life, with a strong focus on form, texture and quality in every design.

    Amy Skinner
  • House of FADJ Entertainment


    House of FADJ Entertainment is a premium boutique DJ & Entertainment agency in Perth, specialising in diverse female talent & providing bespoke music solutions for any celebration whether it be for a bar, corporate, or a wedding. Claire and her team always bring the party at Guildhall eventspace

    Adam Levi Browne Photography
  • Festoon Lighting Perth

    Lighting Designers

    Some of the absolute best in the biz, bringing together electrical expertise and lighting design prowess under one roof, there is no event too big or small for this team.

    Peggy Saas
  • Kirk Goodsell


    Celebrating love and happiness with a focus on personal, light-hearted and fun ceremonies. Kirk will without a doubt make your big day one of the most memorable and joyful moments in your life. We're sure you'll have a bucket of fun chatting to Kirk about all of your epic wedding plans.

    Adam Levi Browne Photography
  • Lines and Squares

    Stationery + Graphics

    Creators of all things printed, the exceptionally talented team at Lines and Squares are masters of their craft, bringing couples custom printing with a heritage sense of craftsmanship and spectacular design.

    Peggy Saas
  • Kiss Me You Fool


    Dilhari from Kiss me you fool specialises in original ceremonies completed tailored to you. Dilhari is a self-proclaimed lover of Love and knows how to take your day to a whole new level of awesome.

    Adam Levi Browne Photography
  • Ben and Ebony

    Videographer + Photographer

    The perfect pair, a videographer and a photographer. As a team Ben and Ebony capture the honest, raw, warm fuzzy stuff. They have an incredible knack for catching the quiet moments, the little things, the things that you'll forget have happened until you see the shots.

    Ben and Ebony Images
  • Scape by S


    Scape by S created the most breathtaking fine art floral pieces for clients, delivering florals far beyond anyone's expectations. Sarah brings an exceptional understanding of tone and colour to each modern, sculptural and ethereal piece that she creates.

    Bek Smith Photography
  • Adam Levi Browne Photography


    Adam will keep your day fun, relaxed, and running smoothly whilst documenting those special moments to tell the story of your wedding day. He specialises in capturing those spontaneous moments that just happen on the day, they will be moments you never want to forget.

    Adam Levi Brown Photography
  • De La Rosa

    Cake Designer

    Amy and Mia are renowned for producing one of a kind, edible works of art, to help you celebrate your special day. They offer unparalleled taste with exceptional attention to detail and we guarantee that you will fall in love with them as people, just as much as you love them as cake designers.

    Adam Levi Browne Photography
  • Peggy Saas Photography


    Peggy is a wedding photographer with a knack of storytelling which is visible through her candid and organic approach to photography, she captures the essence of people especially those in love! Her secret talent would be knowing the location of every beautiful backdrop and instaworthy location in Fremantle and beyond. If she's not behind the camera you are sure to find her in a coffee shop, caffeine in hand.

    Peggy Saas
  • Floral Army


    Nestled on George Street in East Fremantle, Floral Army is an award-winning boutique florist, specialising in all areas of floristry. Blurring the lines between art and nature Alicia and Annita create beautiful bespoke floral arrangements for every occasion; including weddings, special events, styling and for your home. Just as each flower is unique, so are you. They tailor their floral designs and work with gentle precision, with premium locally sourced flowers to bring your vision to life.

    Kate Drennan Photography
  • Grey Rabbit Design

    Stationary + Graphics

    Grey Rabbit Design is directed by freelance graphic designer, Emily Burchill.
    Inspired by vintage typography and design, Emily's creations have a nostalgic and artisanal feel giving each piece a contemporary yet timeless quality.

    Lucking Photography
  • Sir Botanical


    A floral art studio based here in Fremantle founded by cool kids Kate, Gen and Georgia. These Guildhall regulars create unique and high-end florals for weddings, events, corporates and editorial. With years of experience, and a passion for contemporary design they bring to life refined and sophisticated floral art. All of their concepts are individually designed and created for each client.

    Peggy Saas
  • Hello Sukar

    Cake Designer

    At Sukar they have a clear philosophy “Cakes must taste as good as they look”.⁠⠀
    The Sukar team is devoted to pushing the boundaries of both flavour and aesthetic⁠ to deliver a perfect blend of ingredients and design that take your senses to beautiful new places.⁠

    Natasja Kremers
  • Life Atlas Film


    A self-confessed hopeless romantic, Emily has an eye for capturing those raw and real moments of connection. She creates low key, soulful and authentic wedding films, woven with love. ⁠⠀
    Emily will capture your love story, those playful smiles, stolen glances and warm embraces so you can relive you wedding day over and over again.⁠

    Life Atlas